Apr 10, 2012

Temple Night

 Last thursday night was the best.  I knew that it was going to be a wonderful night, but I had no idea how fulfilling, satisfying, and AWESOME taking your children thru the temple could actually be!  We were so blessed to be able to have Almost all of our family there along with some dear friends.  We filled the whole room. 

Just one last picture and update on Joseph and then, we will leave him alone!  This is one of my favorite pictures.  It was when Joseph FINALLY got his Eagle and the family was able to come and celebrate with us. 
Have you ever seen that movie, "The RM"?  There is a scene in there where the missionary gets home and he is catching up on all his sibling's lives.  He is talking to his twin brothers and says, "So you have almost got your Eagles?" And they say, "MOM, has almost got our Eagles!"  YEA, I can TOTALLY relate!


Jen said...

I can only imagine what that day will be like. I love taking our kids to the temple as teenagers - I look forward to that day very much!!

Beccarigg said...

So wonderful : ) I remember going for the first time with my parents and having so many loved ones from my family there. Truly a piece of heaven on earth.

Selina said...

Welcome back to blogging! I have missed you and those funny stories of yours!

Amy M. said...

YEA you're back on. Glad to see the updates. Temple trips with your children- priceless. I look forward to those days. I also enjoyed looking at the whole Pennington Clan. You, your family and extended family are awesome. From the Moes, now in Nebraska.